So let’s face it…there is a little part of us that pushes back on taking the trip you deserve because of the optics.  You don’t want to be judged. I get it.  I’ve been there.

I ran into a former employee this past weekend.  He was angry at me.  He had read my book and couldn’t believe the audacity I had to take a trip around the world.  I was being judged.  He didn’t know the whole story.  He didn’t know my story.  But he had his story.  And in it, I was the villain.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is going to happen to you.  No matter what your economic status, people are going to make jokes on your Facebook feed.  They’re going to think you have more money than you do.  The petty ones will resent you.  The naysayers will argue that you could and should do more responsible things with your time (and resources).  I had this coming from within my own family.

Be ready for it.  Get in front of it.  And let it go.  The people who judge you do so because they have their own issues.  I know you’re thinking maybe you shouldn’t even document the best parts of your life on social media because you don’t want to be ‘braggy.’

Here’s the thing: as Gary V likes to say “you have one ‘at bat’ in this life.”  Think about that.  You’re in the middle of your prime right now, I’ll bet.  Do you really want to let others judgment mess with your life?  Affect your family decisions?  Your dreams?  Your career?

We’re all human, and I know it’s hard to ignore it when people judge you.  I’m urging you to get in front of it.  Expect it.  Grow thick skin.  Cut Facebook friends who are only going to judge you.  Cut family who is only going to judge you.

You have one life to live out your dreams.  We are not our parent’s generation — who works our whole lives with our heads down in order to retire and start the good life at age 65.  Take some withdrawals now.  Don’t worry about what the Smiths down the block thing about you leaving for the summer and renting your house on VRBO for more money than your mortgage.

As I look back at my interaction with my former employee, I am glad I was able to have a conversation with him and clarify some things he had misjudged.  But I also realized it was a very good use of our time.  And I can’t live my life going through my rolodex to think about who is judging me from my past experiences.  All I can do is push forward — just like you!