“I am not a motivational speaker. But I do speak publicly, and I can bring some real value to your group.  I’ve done everything from officiate weddings to serve on expert technology panels.  I’m a natural storyteller, but here are a couple of topics where I can knock it out of the park.”

Adam Dailey

Adam went to Barcelona for his honeymoon in 1999, and from that moment, he was hooked on travel.  As an athlete, Adam competed across the USA as well as in Canada, Japan, Spain, Italy and Taiwan.  Dailey has backpacked extensively throughout Europe, Australia and Latin America.

Dailey and his wife have lived in Spain (3 years), Italy (1+ year), Germany (9 months), Canada (3 years) and Greece (1 year).  During his time abroad, he learned to speak Italian and Spanish.

In 2014, Dailey packed up his belongings and took a one year trip around the world with his wife and children — all four of them!  He wrote How to Run Away From Home (and Take Your Family With You) to share his amazing experiences with others.

There are plenty of travel experts in the world. But if you want to be inspired captivated by a fellow journeyman, check out some of these talks — and you’ll probably be packing your bags shortly thereafter.

The Family Sabbatical is one of Dailey’s most popular topics.

We are living in the golden age of entrepreneurship.  We are able to build businesses from scratch with an idea and a laptop these days.  

Those of us who are parents have another unique set of challenges: raising children.  We all want to be better than our parents.  We want to instill values while raising independent kids.

We want our children to feel abundance, but not entitlement.

We want to achieve that work/life balance.  How many times have you used those words?  How many books have you read?  How much do you struggle with this?

Raising children is hard.  In many ways, harder than ever.  But raising children with entrepreneurial parents brings its own set of challenges.

Dailey is based in San Diego, California – regarded as the craft beer capital of the world. It’s a community that has been trailblazing the industry for the past decade.  Dailey has had the opportunity to speak not only about what San Diego is doing right, but also about general marketing trends within the beer industry.  A key component of the message is this – craft beer (and beer marketing) is in its infancy — we can look outside of the industry to get a lot of today’s questions.

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