Check out Adam featured in this great article by Yahoo Finance:

“Compared to Airbnb, traditional hotels have a few barriers,” says Adam Dailey, a hotel and real estate investor based in La Jolla, California, who owns and operates several Airbnb locations.

“With Airbnb, there is a real person answering a customer’s questions, and usually in a very responsive way,” Dailey says. “There’s also a built-in community with Airbnb that fosters trust and inclusiveness.”

But the real differentiator may be dynamic pricing. “Hotels can’t promote last-minute specials in a meaningful way, while Airbnb owners are anxious to liquidate empty inventory,” Dailey says.

Consequently, Dailey believes that traditional hotels are threatened. “The trend of renting out your home/apartment is only getting traction,” he says. “Plus, the more that people can wrap their head around it, the more inventory will come into the market.”

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