I listen to a few podcasts, and one of my favorites is the Ask Gary Vee Show.  Gary Vaynerchuk is one of my most favorite business personalities.  I love listening to him.  I love his energy, his passion and his ability to just say whatever the fuck he wants (his words, not mine).

I also love Seth Godin.  Seth is known as a masterful marketer, but I find him to be more of a philosopher than anything.  He sees the world in a really amazing way.  He pushes people (like me) to try to create art.  He’s positive, and he thinks everyone can contribute.

Recently these two teamed up for an episode on the Ask Gary Vee Show.  It was quite the fireworks shows.  Here are two guys who I love and admire, and who perhaps could not be any more different.  Seth is eloquent and thoughtful.  Gary says whatever is on his mind.  

At times, I honestly felt bad for Gary.  He came across as overbearing and even a bit of a bully.  Seth is so eloquent and thought out.  He can speak about how to make the perfect cup of coffee for a guest even though he doesn’t drink coffee.  He does so out of consideration.  He wants to start a revolution.  As one of his fans, I feel like the revolution is about me.  I get inspired.

Gary, on the other hand, is about himself.  I also get inspired by listening to him, but I also can get fearful at times.  Because I realize there are tens of thousands of others out there listening to the same thing — who want to eat me for dinner!  It’s a competitive world.  Seth wants us to create more.  More art.  Gary wants us to take it.  Take what’s yours.  Because if you don’t, someone else will.

I saw Gary speak recently at the Traffic and Conversion Summit in San Diego.  He lit up the audience.  He spoke with passion, expletives and (mild) disgust. He captivated the room of 2500 for more than an hour just by talking (without a script, I believe).  I loved it. I turned to a friend and joked, “that’s how I think I sound to employees, customers and everyone.”  Commanding.  Powerful.  Confident.

The next day, another speaker at the Summit made a reference to Gary.  “I’m not going to call you Fuck Face.”  Everyone laughed, but he made a few more digs with the underlying notion being that he wanted us to succeed (whereas Gary pointed out most of us would fail).

Ultimately, I loved watching the contrasting styles of Seth vs. Gary on this youtube.com video.  Within a week, I listened to a podcast with Tim Ferriss and Seth.  And it was night and day.  Tim listens better and probably shares a bit more of the touchy feely side (of Seth).  I loved both podcasts.  But I would recommend you check out Gary V.